Best Steakhouses in Seattle, WA | Top Prime Rib, Ribeyes, Wagyu & More

Best Steakhouses in Seattle, WA | Top Prime Rib, Ribeyes, Wagyu & More

The steak you receive in a Seattle steakhouse is unparalleled to anything you will ever be able to replicate in your fry-pan or on your BBQ – despite how many times you try – believe you me, we have tried. The dining experience you receive in a quality steakhouse will never be achievable in your dining room with you as the server and consumer. And these elements are what makes steakhouse dining so magical.

Seattle is renowned for its dining scene dating back to the 1950s. When it comes to steakhouses, restaurateurs focus on procuring top-quality local ingredients. The lynchpin to any good steakhouse is the top quality A-Grade steak and the dry aging process.

Let’s explore some of the Best Steakhouses in Seattle and unearth what sets them apart from the herd.

1. Metropolitan Grill – Downtown

The Metropolitan Grill is a downtown institution dating back to 1903. This business-friendly steakhouse is located amidst the hustle and bustle of Seattle’s financial district.

The Metropolitan is renowned for its mouth-watering steak achieved through its custom dry-aging process and cutting standards. This process ensures juiciness, tenderness, and flavor.

Dry Aging Explained
Dry aging is the process of taking a piece of meat and putting it into a controlled, open-air environment to transform in flavor. By baring the meat to air, all moisture is extracted, and the beef’s natural enzymes break the muscles down slowly over time, making it more tender.   Studies show 28 days is the “magic number” for supreme tenderness.

The Metropolitan prides itself on preparing meals from only the freshest, locally produced ingredients. When it comes to beef, the team sources their beef locally from the farms, including family-owned, Idaho based Snake River Farms.

To round out your experience or channel your inner James Bond, try the Metropolitan’s award-winning signature cocktail, the Smoky Met Martini. Not a fan of the cocktails? Never fear, the Metropolitan Grill has a cellar bulging with some the finest red wines to nurse into the night.

More information about Seattle’s downtown Metropolitan Grill is available at The location of this steakhouse is at 820 2nd Avenue, Seattle, WA, 98104-1502. To make a reservation, contact the team at 206-624-3287.

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2. El Gaucho – Belltown

El Gaucho serves up a rich history with every plate. In the 1950’s and state law legalized the serving of liquor by the drink in restaurants in Seattle.

In 1953, El Gaucho opened its doors for the first time, and the steaks were sizzling, and the drinks were free-flowing and toppling into the glasses of the tipsy – the drought had broken! Seattle was no longer sleepless.

El Gaucho closed down in the eighties briefly. Then a decade late it reopened its doors at the Union Stables Building. This steakhouse is similar to the Metropolitan in that it delivers the best of the best, serving up USDA grade beef that has been locally sourced and dry-aged in-house. El Gaucho prepares food on an open charcoal grill, and features live music nightly.

Beef Grades
The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) grades beef as Prime, Choice, Select, or lower.   Only the top 2% of all beef is graded Prime. Beef is graded on meat marbling and maturity, indicating the meat’s tenderness, juiciness, and flavor.

Marbling is the white streaks of fat within lean sections of meat. It gets this name because it looks similar to a marble pattern. These streaks melt away when cooking, hence the term “mouth-watering flavor.”   To summarize, the more marbling, the better the quality of steak.

So whatever you do, don’t let the Argentinian name fool you; Seattle’s El Gaucho is a 100% all American steakhouse. Its steak is sourced from the Niman Ranch. This ranch comprises of 740 family farmers and ranchers located throughout America.

Due to its popularity, El Guacho attracts big-time sports celebrities looking to stock up in preparation for their next battle.

More information about El Gaucho is available at This steakhouse’s location is at 2200 Western Avenue Ste., 101, Seattle, WA, 98121. To make a reservation, contact the team at 206-728-1337.

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3. The Grill From Ipanema – Belltown

For something completely different, check out The Grill From Ipanema. Each night, this Brazilian Steakhouse delivers a selection of churrascaria options slowly and expertly cooked over an open pit fire. Pit fires create a unique foundation of flavor.

A couple of the different types of steak options available on the menu include Medalhao de Alcatra com Bacon (Sirloin wrapped in bacon) and Alcatra Com Pimenta (Peppered Steak).

Churrascaria Explained
Churrasco was once the cuisine of Brazilian cowboys – known as gauchos. This unique form of Brazilian BBQ that dates back to the 1700s is now firmly entrenched in Brazil’s cultural identity.

Churrasco is the Portuguese and Spanish name for beef or grilled meat. These days, it is a prominent feature in the cuisine of Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina.

If you are with people who aren’t steak fans, The Grill From Ipanema offers turkey, pork, chicken, and seafood options. The bonus of this steakhouse is that it is all you can eat!

One of the unique things about Brazilian BBQs is how the steak is skewered and served on a rotisserie. Try broadening your horizons and chow down at this deeply historic cultural experience.

More information about The Grill From Ipanema is available at location of this steakhouse is at 2313 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA, 98121. To make a reservation, contact the team at 206-457-4885.

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4. The Butcher’s Table – Downtown

The Butcher’s Table is a multifaceted establishment that features a steakhouse and in-built butcher program. This steakhouse prides itself on its strong affiliation to American wagyu from the Mishima Reserve.

The Butcher’s Table steakhouse is tucked away downstairs in a windowless haunt. In these charming confines, size matters, and everything is bigger and better. This steakhouse serves up everything bigger – bigger chairs, tables, lights, fries – all to match the monster size steak you’ll receive.

Wagyu from the Mishima Reserve
Mishima Reserve beef comes from full-blood Black Wagyu bulls. This Japanese breed elevates beef quality and is crossed predominantly with Angus cows.

All cattle are born and bred in America. The Mishima Reserve works with a network of family ranches. These small ranges manage every aspect of the cattle’s lives, from breeding to feeding to care, ensuring a consistently delicious steak every time.

More information about The Butcher’s Table is available at This steakhouse is located at 2121 Westlake Ave, Seattle, WA 98121. To make a reservation, contact the team at 206-209-5990.

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5. The Capital Grille – Seattle

The Capital Grille is based in the historic Cobb Building. This luxurious steakhouse is surrounded by rich African mahogany panelling complete with art deco chandeliers. All very classy!

At The Capital Grille, it is not just the décor that is lux. The premium steaks are also reign supreme. At the Capital, steaks are dry-aged between 14-28 days. Then they are hand-cut by an in-house butcher.

History of The Capital Grille
The Capital Grille has over 50 upscale steakhouses dotted across the USA. The original grill was founded in Providence, Rhode Island, in 1990.

Since opening, the team has focused on creating meals from exceptional ingredients that are artfully prepared.

Menu standout items include the porcini rubbed Delmonico with 15-year aged balsamic, and the bone-in Kona crusted dry-aged New York strip with shallot butterIn case you didn’t know, Kona coffee is produced on the Big Island in Hawaii.

More information about The Capital Grille is available at This steakhouse is located at 1301 4th Ave, Seattle, WA, 98101. To make a reservation, contact the team at 206-382-0900.

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6. The Shambles

We may be stretching the term “steakhouse” when talking about The Shambles, but it is a notable mention. Something this place does well is bringing the farm to bar experience to the local community. This is where you should go if you are looking for a quality steak in a cozy, lowkey setting.

The Shambles’ in-house butcher sources all meats from small local farmers, providing the restaurant with A-Grade quality steaks and chops.

More information about The Shambles is available at This restaurant is located at 7777 15th Ave NE, Seattle, WA, 98115. To make a reservation, contact the team at 206-689-0074.

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The Verdict

When it comes to steakhouses that bedazzle, Seattle packs a potent punch. The competition is fierce. When it comes to your steakhouse of choice, it all boils down to your personal preference. We selected the Metropolitan Grill as our steakhouse of choice (following our ranking criteria). El Gaucho and The Capital Grille were close second runners.

We chose these because when it comes to steakhouses, we err on the side of being traditionalists. Last week I (Kelly) travelled to Oscar’s Steakhouse at The Plaza Las Vegas for that very reason. When it comes to steak, I’ll stretch my budget to soak up a truly authentic steakhouse experience. I love dining in steakhouses that offer a historic underbelly that is worth drinking to.

You may prefer the more modern, casual experience on offer at The Shambles, or maybe you’d prefer to immerse yourself in a Brazilian cultural experience and eat like a gaucho for one night! Whatever your preference, you will not be disappointed by the Seattle steakhouse scene.

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